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I've just finished watching this Barbara Walters interview with Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, which was done when the two were married. It's a really good interview, unlike some of the interviews that Michael has done. This was probably because Walters' questions were a little smarter and therefore easier to answer in a logical way that didn't automatically make Michael sound insane. The best part of this interview was the fact that Lisa Marie Presley was extremely intelligent and totally backed up Michael when the tough accusatory questions came up. She articulated very well the absurdity of some of the rumors and opinions people have about Jackson. After watching this interview there is no way that anyone with a brain could believe that Michael was guilty of molesting children. It's a shame these two didn't stay together. They made a very interesting couple. They were so opposite - Lisa Marie being blunt and strong, and Michael being sweet and polite. Please watch it! 



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